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Quickly Parent a Grease Pencil Drawing to a 3D Object in 4 Easy Steps

This video demonstrates how to parent an animated Grease Pencil drawing onto a 3D object. The Grease Pencil drawing is an animated lip sync and will follow the 3D object, in this instance the head, as it moves.

For following post provide a quick example of parenting a Grease Pencil drawing to a 3D object; however, for more detail, check the video. Hope you find it helpful. Thanks for watching!

Parent an Animated Grease Pencil Drawing to a 3D Object

Click the object to be parented.

Hold the Shift key and click the object that will serve as the parent so that both objects are selected.

Click the CTRL and P keys. From the popup menu, select Object.

The first object is now parented to the second object.

Final Thoughts

If you have questions about this tutorial, send me a message through the Contact page.

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